My First Bruce Springsteen Concert

My first Springsteen show was September 12, 1978 in Syracuse, NY, at the Onondaga County War Memorial. I remember times were tough. I was working for $4/hour, with a college degree. I had a chance to buy front row tickets, and didn’t, I regretted it the next day, and ever since. The next day I was still thinking about Springsteen’s frenetic energy, and the way Jungleland and my other favorites at the time,
seemed even better than on the “Born To Run” record album.
Being a new and excited Bruce Springsteen fan was a big deal. I kind of had this feeling I was gonna meet this guy that felt about a lot of things the same way I did.
I was still playing a lot of tracks like 10 times a day. The Darkness album was something I held a little closer than the other records; it seemed more personal.
My friends kind of huddled together in little groups of pre-concert parties, myself included. When I got to the show, things started moving real fast. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the concert and was wishing I could get replays. I was excited. I wish my mind had been practicing to be like a recording machine so that I could remember the whole show in all it’s details.
One of my friends got front row. Bruce was climbing up on a speaker that looked like a high climb to get to the top. He gave a glance like he might need some help.
My friend got up on stage and helped Bruce get to the top of the speaker. How cool was that?!
Rob Wagner

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