Limited Edition Book on Bruce Springsteen's
Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour and Album

The Light in Darkness Photo Gallery

Bruce Springsteen 1978 Darkness TV Interviews

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The Light in Darkness brings together over 200 high-quality, many never-before-published photos from Springsteen's 1978 tour.


From the tour's first show at Shea's Theater in Buffalo where fans got an initial taste of the yet-to-be released Darkness, to the New Year's Eve blowout at Cleveland's Richfield Coliseum, The Light in Darkness captures the magic of this tour like no other book.


Relive the thrill of classic shows like the Winterland, the Agora and The Palladium captured through the lenses of Bruce's famously devoted fans.


Leaping from the piano or charging across the stage, Bruce, in his athletic prime, kept the audience riveted. But never so much so as when he broke that barrier between performer and concert-goer, wading out into the crowd, climbing atop seats and scaffolding or extending a hand to a fan.


The more than 200 photos in this book, some of the most amazing ever taken during this period, leap off the page at you. They were taken by fans and professionals debuting the photos in this book for the first time. Respected Springsteen-era photographers such as James Shive, P. Jay Plutzer, Lynn Goldsmith, Peter Howes, Anastasia Pantsios, Mark Wyville, Cliff Breining and Lawrence Kirsch. Just as this tour and album created history in 1978, so too does this book capture that history in the amber of recollections and recreations and make history with many of its photo premieres.

- Charles Savoth from the forward to The Light in Darkness


The photos, contributed by both fans and professional photographers, are superbly reproduced with the highest attention to detail. Carefully edited by photographer Lawrence Kirsch, many of these photos are being revealed for the first time in more than 30 years.


If you're a fan of Bruce, you'll want to pick up a copy of this collector's edition volume capturing classic Springsteen. With limited copies available, you don't want to miss out.


He ran past me quite a few times after jumping off the stage, and then climbed the side risers, his coat jacket a blur as he ran past, his smile contagious, his eyes focused and oh-so-alive. He stood on the risers and pumped his fist at the audience, laughing and urging them to join him in the celebration. Then off he jumped and ran past me again to go to the risers on the other side where he did the same thing. It was like lightning flashing through the darkness and the band was the thunder. I had never seen any performer so full of energy and joy. He was definitely on a mission. This was not just a gig for him; it was freedom and exhilaration personified.

- Ron Wells



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