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From Darkness to Light,

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to, supported and purchased the Bruce Springsteen book, The Light in Darkness. Thanks to you it's been an incredible success and we are completely sold out.

I have really appreciated the personal messages that you have sent describing the hours of enjoyment you have derived from the incredible stories and photos contained within the pages of The Light in Darkness. I have also delighted in the positive and insightful reviews by fans and critics, who seem to understand that Bruce Springsteen, the musician and the man, has created a community that reaches far beyond the communal shared experience of his music. Your support is greatly appreciated. See you on the next tour... cheers, Lawrence Kirsch.

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Greetings from Germany!
I heard of the book from the fan site
For me, The Light in Darkness is part of the forthcoming Darkness Box-Set (both belong together :-)

kind regards,

- Andreas K.

Viewed more than 30 years after its release on June 2, 1978, Darkness on the Edge of Town remains arguably Bruce Springsteen's finest hour as an artist: Never have 10 songs so completely cataloged every filigree and tuck point of brick wall-stubborn heartache. Through it all, Springsteen's characters stumble and stagger; they struggle to outrace their phantasms; the plot escapes that never quite materialize.

- Lou Carlozo


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