Fans Feel the Spirit of Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You

More Fans Love Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You.

I just received For You as a gift in the mail. It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted this book so bad and the reprint came at such a bad time for me. I thought I was going to eventually have to pay through the nose on eBay for it. Thank you to my dear friend Jim.
DaiseyJeep – Greasy Lake

I got For You for Christmas. What a great gift. The Winterland photos are incredible!
Austin – Twitter

I have this book and it’s absolutely awesome! …the stories you will read in the book, make you feel as if you’re right there. If you haven’t ordered it yet, go on and do it! I promise you will enjoy and the pictures are amazing.
Terri Lynn Booth – Twitter

Just received my copy of For You and it is everything I hoped it would be, great fan stories and recollections and many superb photos which have never been published before, a fine addition to add to my Springsteen book collection, well done Lawrence and thanks for reprinting.
MyBoyBill – BTX

It’s beautifully designed, excellent quality and touching stories! A must have for Bruce fans! 
I “binge read it”!
Cheryl Hoffman – SpringNuts

A must for every casual to hard-core fan of the Boss. It’s a true trip throughout his legendary career. The b/w & color stage shots are stunningly printed and the book is lavishly designed. Those 3 to 4 hour shows simply jumped out of the page! Lots of fan testimonials. I got one for Christmas and cannot tear myself away from it. Love Bruce? This book is “for you”. 
Phil Gelormine – Facebook

Added to the collection the last couple of weeks…the For You book by Lawrence Kirsch…looking forward to read that book…it looks awesome…many thanks!  
Oddgeir Jomar Toran – Springsteen Collector

My copies arrived in time for Christmas well packed and in great condition. Made for a wonderful Christmas present. Thanks for the prompt responses to my inquiries and for getting these out in time. An amazing book that should be on any fan’s shelf!
Hobbes – BTX

Happy with the re-release. Best X-mas present ever I have given to myself.
Tony Bomere

In December I received my copy of the book For You. The book is fantastic. I’m very happy and I’m enjoying it very much. It’s been a long wait (12 years), but it was worth it.
Pietro Arnoldi

It’s a great book. So glad Lawrence Kirsch re-released For You. I’m in Australia & it was sent so quickly. I recommend this book to any Bruce fans.
Annette Atkinson

Got my copy just before X-mas. It’s a beauty!
StoneLike – BTX

If you want a great book with great photos For You is For You! Enjoying it this snowy morning with my ☕. Great photos! And stories!
Susan McCuish Logue – SpringNuts

I read the first story with Father and son and I can relate because when I was younger, my dad didn’t like music in the house and I didn’t even play an instrument! We never saw eye to eye on things and that story brought tears to my eyes. 
Antoinette Prizio

Thanks Lawrence Kirsch, love the book! If you haven’t got your copy, I highly recommend getting it!  
Donna Welch – SpringNuts

No need for the holidays to get this for a friend (or yourself). You can’t go wrong — there’s a revelation on every page.
MSGAugustof78 – BTX

Bruce Springsteen book For You, still some copies left: Order Here

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Fans Praise Springsteen Book For You

Fans Love Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You.

When I read on this board (Backstreets BTX) a few months ago that there was even a remote chance that there would be a reprint of Lawrence Kirsch’s For You (Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans), I was ecstatic. I bought the book years ago, but it’s been out of print since 2009 and I felt that many Bruce fans missed out on a rare, high quality, beautifully put together book from a FAN’s perspective. My thought was, let’s get more copies of this book out there, because there will be an audience for the reprint, but I know this is easier said than done.

Fortunately for Bruce fans, Lawrence Kirsch took a grassroots approach, conducting a survey to gauge the interest in a reprint, and decided that he could go ahead with the project. The endgame is that For You is available again, albeit in limited quantities, and this is a terrific opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and pick up a copy before it’s sold out (again).

For You is a coffee table book in name only. It’s not meant to be ornamental or simply look good like a trophy. You dive into this 200-plus page book because the stories and anecdotes are written by fans with passion and an obvious love for what Bruce’s music and life have meant to them over the years. And the pictures, many of them rare, are phenomenal. You want to linger on each page because it’s so good, but at the same time you can’t wait to see what’s on the next page.

I’ve known Lawrence Kirsch for decades. He’s an extraordinary professional photographer who has a lot of credits in the world of rock and roll, but, at heart, he’s a fan first. For You is a collaborative effort and, in my opinion, would be a cherished addition to your Bruce collection.
touchdownjesus (BTX)

Got mine today in Australia. 
So happy. Thanks so much for doing this reprint.
twc.chung (BTX)

Received my copy in the UK today. Beautiful book. Thank you very much.
TelecasterMaster (BTX)

I forgot I ordered this months ago. Santa brought me an early gift and when I opened the package I was completely shocked.
Great, great, great book!
Tammy Collier

For You turned up in the last hour, me of little faith, just had a quick look through, photos are amazing.  Looking forward to reading the stories in my own time over the holiday period. If they are anything like the stories in The Light in Darkness then I am in for a good read. Unbeknown to me I am actually in one of the photos! page 184 top picture at Albert Hall, that is me in the white t shirt at the back and it is my hand that Bruce is about to shake. Even before reading the book I would recommend the book and the purchase has been more than worthwhile. Thanks very much Lawrence for the speedy delivery of the book.
Martin Leicester (GreasyLake)

“For You: Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans” edited by Lawrence Kirsch (Lawrence Kirsch Communications): Keep your Deadheads; Springsteen’s fans are among the most loyal and exuberant in rock — and they can remember what happened, often in great detail. This 208 page love letter is packed with hundreds of remembrances from around the world (and not always in English) as well as candid crowd photography that helps set it apart from the many other Bruce books out there.
Gary Graff,  the Oakland Press

…since I was contributor to the original and witnessed people’s reaction when they saw it, I’m posting about my longtime friend Lawrence Kirsch’s re-release of his legendary “For You Bruce” coffee table tribute to The Boss. Any of my words can’t do justice to the stories, pictures and memories in the book, and the care taken putting it together in a most respectful and majestic package. Only 500 left of the limited edition.
Andy Nulman

Go get the book For You from @KirschComm. It’s as good as it gets for die hard Springsteen fans – great never before seen photos and stories! Finally got a copy after years of wanting one.
Steve Matoren

Got under my tree for Christmas, Lawrence. It’s everything and more than I expected. Highly recommended!
Phil Gelormine

I just ordered it. 
Susan McCuish Logue

I own a first edition print. This is one of the best Springsteen books hands down.
Roger Froehlich

Got mine too. Love it!
Tony F Persechino

I absolutely love my For You Bruce book. I highly recommend it to add to your collection.
Annette Atkinson

When “For You” came out in 2007, I thought it was a Springsteen book for the ages. Now as I thumb through the 2019 reprint, that thought remains the same.”For You” is a treasure trove of great stories, photos and captures perfectly what being a Springsteen fanatic is all about.
For those who didn’t jump on the Bruce train until after 2007 (some I know became fans after his 2009 Super Bowl appearance), consider “For You” a history book, to feel what it was like to be a Springsteen fan from the early 1970s through 2007. Each page brings a new, fresh story about different shows and events of Springsteenmania. It’s like opening up a time capsule of a Springsteen treasure chest. There’s so much to savor.
And the photos, oh the photos! The book could have been printed with just the photos alone, they are so good.
Make sure you get this gem before it’s all sold out. It’s taken 12 years after the quick sellout of the first edition of “For You” for it to become available again. You may not have a second chance. 
Stan Goldstein

Been wanting this book since 2010 when I saw it the first time. The only book that has pics of my first show in 1975. I wish I had known about this because I had a great story to tell about my first show. But, you are right, Stan, this is a history book for sure.
Debbie Stone Elster

Thanks Lawrence for reprinting this wonderful book. Merry XMas & Happy 2020.
Jesús Amaro Tolbaños

 “The Light in Darkness” just as good!

Bruce Springsteen book For You, still some copies left: Order Here

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Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book For You – Shipping Now!

Did you miss out on owning one of the best-loved Bruce Springsteen books of the last ten years?

“For You” is one of the most important books to trace the career of Bruce Springsteen.

Limited edition book featuring amazing photos and stories.
Less than 500 copies available. Shipping Now!

Order Here: For You 

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Annual Bruce Springsteen Gift Guide – 2019

November, 2019

It’ s that time of year again.

If you’re anything like me, it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gift shopping. Let’s face it, it’s just easier continuing to sit here, watching football, hockey, basketball, tweeting, checking your FB page… But gifts must be got at some point, and if there’s a Springsteen fan on your list, you could do a lot worse than any of the items listed below.

Jersey!! Springsteen Fans!! Spring-Nuts!!

Batten down the hatches because The 4th Annual Spring-Nut Seaside Serenade (S4) is coming back to Asbury Park May 1st-May 3rd 2020! Join hundreds of Springsteen fans literally from around the world once again make the pilgrimage to the Land Of Hope And Dreams, Asbury Park NJ, for the biggest Springsteen party of the year! Find out all the details through the Spring-Nut Facebook page or by emailing Also check out their website:
Don’t miss this epic event!

“Glory Days: Springsteen’s Greatest Albums” (second edition), by Peter Chianca

Longtime readers of the Blogness on the Edge of Town blog will remember “Glory Days: Springsteen’s Greatest Albums,” Peter Chianca’s 2012 eBook analyzing eight classic Springsteen albums and making an argument as to which was his best album ever. To mark Bruce’s 70th birthday, the second, expanded edition of “Glory Days: Springsteen’s Greatest Albums” was released this past September — in eBook form and, for the first time ever, available in paperback! (For only $5.99 from; $3.99 for the new eBook.)

This new expanded edition includes:

  • New introduction for 2019
  • New chapter analyzing Springsteen’s first two albums
  • Updated album rankings
  • Collected for the first time, six of the most popular Springsteen posts and essays from Blogness on the Edge of Town from 2013-2019

We guarantee it’s the best Bruce book you can get for under $6!

Bruce Springsteen Jersey Shore Tour and Book

When you make that pilgrimage to explore Bruce Springsteen’s Jersey Shore, of course you want to see the locations that Bruce has sung about, talked about in concert, in his autobiography and Broadway show. There’s so much to see in Asbury Park, Freehold, Belmar and many other towns.

The book, “Rock & Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore,” written by longtime Jersey Shore residents and tour guides Stan Goldstein and Jean Mikle, is your essential guide to all the places Brue, Southside Johnny, Jon Bon Jovi and others famous and not so famous. The close to 200-page book is filled with the addresses and locations of those must-see Springsteen-related places: the Stone Pony, Tenth Avenue and E Street, Bruce’s childhood homes in Freehold, the house he wrote the entire “Born to Run” album in and so much more. Plus there’s more than 200 photos of Bruce and other music icons through the years of their Jersey Shore history. The book is available through the website

Stan and Jean are also available for private Springsteen-related tours of the area. They have given tours to thousands of fans for more than 20 years and love not only pointing out and taking you to all these special locations, but sharing their personal Springsteen stories.  They may be reached at for more information on the tours.

Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You

Give the gift of Bruce Springsteen, give the book,
For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans 

Did you miss out on owning one of the best-loved Bruce Springsteen books of the last ten years?
For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans is a limited edition book first published in 2007. It has been sold out since 2009. It can be occasionally found on eBay and Amazon on auction for $300+. Now a decade later, for the first and only time, a limited edition reprint of the original book, including all the amazing stories and rarely seen photos is available again. Two hundred and eight pages jam packed with memories and over 400 photos shared by Springsteen fans from over 30 countries.

Buy this glossy book for the holidays, written by the people who love and feel changed by the music.
For You, is available now. Limited Edition: 1100 copies.
Order your copy today.

Shipping December 2019 (NB: Gift orders for North America only. Please check the web site after December 6 for confirmation of shipping date)

Order Here:

Bruce Springsteen

The man himself has a couple of items on offer that might interest your Bruce devoted fan this holiday season.
Highly praised by both his fans, and the critics, Western Stars is Bruce Springsteen’s latest album.
His latest LP evokes country-tinged California pop from the Sixties and Seventies, sounding like nothing he’s done before. …once you settle in, the set reveals some of Springsteen’s most beguiling work ever.
Rolling Stone

Or surprise the Bruce fan in your life with the latest Archive Release from NUGS, due just around the corner in early December.

Happy Holidays to all Bruce Tramps.
See you on the road, somewhere, next year!

Lawrence Kirsch

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Sold Out Bruce Springsteen book – ‘For You’ Is Re-Released December 2019

Did you miss out on owning one of the best-loved Bruce Springsteen books of the last ten years?
Over 400 photos and 200 stories from his dedicated fans

NEW YORK, NEW YORK October 28, 2019
For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans is a limited edition book first published in 2007. It has been sold out since 2009.
What the previous book promised is what we are getting set to deliver, again. This reprint of the book is a new item for you to consider adding to your collection of Bruce Springsteen cherished books.

The original volume took over two and half years in research and production, and includes hundreds of stories and anecdotes written by his legendary fans, as well as over 400 photographs, most of them never previously published.

Publisher Lawrence Kirsch said: “Being a life-long Springsteen fan myself, I recognized there was a pent-up desire for fans to come together and share.
Something magical happens at a Springsteen concert. Each concert is like a huge family reunion, even though in all reality you actually know few of the people there. Complete strangers connect with an immediacy that is tangible.”

“So, in 2005 I came up with the idea for this book and set up a web site called: For You Bruce
to confirm if my theory was correct. I asked fans to write in with their experiences, and I was simply amazed by the response. Over 1500 fans from across the globe submitted stories and anecdotes to the website. It was difficult to make the final selection.

Unfortunately, there was no way to include them all. All I can offer is that the experiences and memories that are there are representative of so many other stories we received. Fans will be able to identify and relate through the memories of others.
I promise you there is something for everyone in this book.”

Although Kirsch requested the stories be submitted in English, he did in fact receive a number of stories in a wide variety of the world’s languages.
So, to underscore the fact the music made by Bruce Springsteen and the legendary E Street Band, the Sessions Band – as well as the other musicians and performers with whom he has played, does indeed cross the language barrier, touching fans across the globe, Kirsch has scattered throughout the book some stories written in languages other than English. His personal recognition For You – the fanatical Springsteen fan, no matter what language you actually speak.

“I wanted everyone to feel included,” said Kirsch, “so these non-English language stories serve as reminders that the Boss has a worldwide fan base and his music and the Bruce Springsteen concert experience transcend the boundaries of one specific language.”

About the book:
Pre-Order starts October 2019
This 208 page, large format, 9” x 12”/222mm x 300mm full color, hard cover book is printed on EuroArt Silk 200m paper stock and contains over 400 photographs.
The book is only available online for purchase at: For You
Limited edition of 1100 copies.


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