Fans Feel the Spirit of Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You

More Fans Love Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen Book, For You.

I just received For You as a gift in the mail. It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted this book so bad and the reprint came at such a bad time for me. I thought I was going to eventually have to pay through the nose on eBay for it. Thank you to my dear friend Jim.
DaiseyJeep – Greasy Lake

I got For You for Christmas. What a great gift. The Winterland photos are incredible!
Austin – Twitter

I have this book and it’s absolutely awesome! …the stories you will read in the book, make you feel as if you’re right there. If you haven’t ordered it yet, go on and do it! I promise you will enjoy and the pictures are amazing.
Terri Lynn Booth – Twitter

Just received my copy of For You and it is everything I hoped it would be, great fan stories and recollections and many superb photos which have never been published before, a fine addition to add to my Springsteen book collection, well done Lawrence and thanks for reprinting.
MyBoyBill – BTX

It’s beautifully designed, excellent quality and touching stories! A must have for Bruce fans! 
I “binge read it”!
Cheryl Hoffman – SpringNuts

A must for every casual to hard-core fan of the Boss. It’s a true trip throughout his legendary career. The b/w & color stage shots are stunningly printed and the book is lavishly designed. Those 3 to 4 hour shows simply jumped out of the page! Lots of fan testimonials. I got one for Christmas and cannot tear myself away from it. Love Bruce? This book is “for you”. 
Phil Gelormine – Facebook

Added to the collection the last couple of weeks…the For You book by Lawrence Kirsch…looking forward to read that book…it looks awesome…many thanks!  
Oddgeir Jomar Toran – Springsteen Collector

My copies arrived in time for Christmas well packed and in great condition. Made for a wonderful Christmas present. Thanks for the prompt responses to my inquiries and for getting these out in time. An amazing book that should be on any fan’s shelf!
Hobbes – BTX

Happy with the re-release. Best X-mas present ever I have given to myself.
Tony Bomere

In December I received my copy of the book For You. The book is fantastic. I’m very happy and I’m enjoying it very much. It’s been a long wait (12 years), but it was worth it.
Pietro Arnoldi

It’s a great book. So glad Lawrence Kirsch re-released For You. I’m in Australia & it was sent so quickly. I recommend this book to any Bruce fans.
Annette Atkinson

Got my copy just before X-mas. It’s a beauty!
StoneLike – BTX

If you want a great book with great photos For You is For You! Enjoying it this snowy morning with my ☕. Great photos! And stories!
Susan McCuish Logue – SpringNuts

I read the first story with Father and son and I can relate because when I was younger, my dad didn’t like music in the house and I didn’t even play an instrument! We never saw eye to eye on things and that story brought tears to my eyes. 
Antoinette Prizio

Thanks Lawrence Kirsch, love the book! If you haven’t got your copy, I highly recommend getting it!  
Donna Welch – SpringNuts

No need for the holidays to get this for a friend (or yourself). You can’t go wrong — there’s a revelation on every page.
MSGAugustof78 – BTX

Bruce Springsteen book For You, still some copies left: Order Here

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  1. Hans-Georg Schmitt says:

    “For You” is the best and most beautiful book about Springsteen and his devoted fans. The stories written by fans are a great read. The photos are brilliant and fantastic. This book belongs on every music lover’s shelf.
    Thanks Lawrence !

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