FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book
FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book

Bruce Springsteen

Sold Out! April 2022
Limited Edition Coffee Table Book, For You

A heartfelt thanks to the Springsteen fan community for your support, generous praise and reviews of the book. The book could never have been published without the amazing contribution by Bruce's fans.

Thank you, and hope to meet you on the road, somewhere, some time.
Lawrence Kirsch

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Limited Edition of 1100

Excerpt from For You story by Sarfraz Manzoor
Author: Greetings from Bury Park
Film Writer: Blinded by the Light

It was the summer of 1995 and my father had died suddenly only three days before my twenty fourth birthday. While he was alive the music of Bruce Springsteen had helped me understand my relationship with my father with an insight I would never had gained alone. Now with my father gone I had said goodbye to my family and was back in the same house in Manchester I had been when I had learnt of my father's heart attack. The first few nights in Manchester I was unable to sleep. The memory of the long painful nights in hospital willing my father to wake from his coma haunted me and in frustration I would rise from my bed and pace my room hoping to tire myself to sleep. It was during one such night that into my mind fell a lyric from a song I thought I had forgotten. It was from "Candy's Room", in the third verse when Springsteen sings "In the darkness there'll be hidden worlds that shine." I don't recall ever being particularly moved or impressed by that line before my father's death but now those words felt like a lifeline thrown to a drowning man.


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