1978 Springsteen Darkness Tour Concert Memories In Cleveland

Springsteen_Cleveland 2

By the time the New Year’s Eve concert rolled around, I had become a full-fledged Springsteen fanatic. Somehow, we scored quality tickets, stage left, lower level. The excitement was palpable. Because the Agora concert had been broadcast on the radio (and recorded on Maxell UDXL-IIs by the likes of us), the set list was fairly well known. However, Bruce threw in more than the usual number of surprises for us on New Year’s Eve.

Springsteen_Cleveland 3The unreleased “Rendezvous” (a song I may have heard on an old bootleg) and “Pretty Flamingo” come to mind. There was also a newer song I’d only read about previously called “The Ties That Bind”, and a memorable, heavy rendition of “The Fever”. I recall being swept into the poignant “Independence Day” and the dramatic “Point Blank”, which were both as-yet-unreleased gems.

Springsteen_Cleveland 1

Of course the infamous firecracker incident was a surprising downer, but, although quite angry about it, Bruce moved on from it quickly and assuredly, proceeding to rock us to our core with not only the usual Springsteen rockers, but also classics such as “Rave On” and “Good Rockin’ Tonight”. By the time we were treated to both “Detroit Medley” AND “Quarter to Three”, it was a promising New Year.

All photos: ©L.Wolfson


Lee Wolfson
Cleveland, Ohio
March 2015

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