Has Bruce Springsteen Recaptured the Magic of 1978?

I keep reading these posts from The Light in Darkness and they seem particularly, and perhaps even weirdly relevant now, even 34 years/summers later, as Bruce and the crew rip through Europe on what will surely one day be remembered as one of the most incredible tour legs of his amazing career.

The ’12 passion, intensity, and energy are somewhat reminiscent to what happened in ’78 in this way: he’s opening eyes again, but in a different manner — in ’78 no one had ever seen anything like it from a performer, period. In ’12, no one has ever seen anything like it from a performer of his vintage, experience, and continuous service and longevity. Two very different sides to a precious, priceless coin. He’s affirming our longtime support and loyalty while making new converts at the same time, damn near 40 years into his recording career. Wow.

And I believe the best is yet to come — he’s barely scratched the surface of The Promise material, the musical and entertainment shtick value of the horn section has yet to be even hinted at (anyone who’s seen a bunch of Jukes or TOL Express shows knows that), and we’ve got an entire new US leg to look forward to in a couple of weeks!

If you were there, you know the Darkness tour was a true, dare I say it, “wrecking ball”. Read these Light posts and you’ll get even more excited for the Fenway return.

Anthony Fischetti, New York from this BTX thread.

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