1978 Bruce Springsteen Continues to Excite with Wrecking Ball Tour

Just received a copy of The Light in Darkness book, and I can’t put it down. The summer of 1978 still resonates with fond memories of following the tour, a habit that I’ve continued to this very day. In fact, people ask me if it is still a great experience to watch Bruce live after all these years, and I tell them, without hesitation, that the Wrecking Ball tour is as great a performance as they will ever see in their lifetimes, in virtually any category of live music or entertainment.

With all these great books coming about about Bruce’s life and career, there’s always room for more, and I’m sure someone is already working on a compilation of reviews from the current tour. I’ve been to nearly 300 concerts (not all of them Bruce) and can honestly say that the special qualities of the 1978 tour are still available to witness during this Wrecking Ball tour.

Congrats on your book, and keep up the good work.

Leon Mayeri
Berkeley, CA

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