“Double Shot” Darkness Tour Notre Dame University, IN

Double Shot
Darkness Tour
Notre Dame University, IN
September 9, 1978

One of my friends in college had purchased a block of tickets for the show during the summer. When we arrived on campus, he began trying to sell them

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. I wasn’t all that familiar with Springsteen at the time despite Born to Run. I remembered the Time Magazine article about him being the new Dylan who I was not a big fan of at the time. My friend basically made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He offered to give me the ticket and if I didn’t think the show was great I wouldn’t owe him anything. It was a Saturday night. Notre Dame was the defending National Champs and had lost to Missouri that afternoon in a shocking upset. Only about 3000 people showed up for the concert (the ACC held about 11,000.) A group of eight of us went to the concert. The show opened and I was blown away. The amount of energy Springsteen put forward was incredible. Jumping up on the piano. Playing off the Big Man and Miami Steve, the energy was amazing. I passed over the price of the ticket during his cover of We Got to Get Out of This Place. He singled out two guys in the front row that had been following him all summer. He launched into a song “that this is the only place in the known Universe we have ever played it” It was Double Shot of My Baby’s Love. The song broke down during the intro. He just laughed and they started over. The crowd was singing the choruses at the end. He then launched into Louie, Louie, after hearing a request from the audience. “Don’t tempt me!” before deciding to play the song. Candy’s Room was a song that really stood out for me at the time as did Adam Raised a Cain. I was taken back by his stories and the acting that went with them. He told a song about a gypsy woman who appeared before them and transformed them into their various personas. For Bruce, nothing happened. “I was still a bum!” I think he introduced For You with that song. After three plus hours of playing and an intermission, the concert ended with endless encores. The lights went up and we waited but reluctantly headed for the exits. We were almost out of the ACC when we heard a roar and headed running back to our seats. With the house lights on, the band came out and played Twist and Shout with the crowd handling the harmonies. A food fight broke out with the roadies. It was the most incredible concert experience I had or would ever have. On that Monday, I headed to the bookstore to buy the four albums that we’re out at the time. I was a complete convert. Two weeks later,Yes came to the ACC and I remember how bored we were with the entire concert. Springsteen returned in 1981 to Notre Dame and sold out the venue. Before, he played Double Shot he told the audience this is the only place in the known universe we play this song. From different areas of the arena came cries of Double Shot!

Frank Moffitt

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