Bruce Springsteen Limited Edition Book: Free Shipping

“My copy arrived in the UK after about a seven week wait – but it was so, so worth it. I sat down and read the entire thing that afternoon

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. Despite having listened to bootlegs, watched endless youtube clips and garnered some idea of the sort of mythology that surrounded the tour, the first-hand accounts filled a lot of gaps for me. It must be great for those of you who were there to read it and reflect, but for someone who wasn’t I can’t stress enough how wonderful this was to read. I also really loved that there was a lot of writing about the Darkness album itself, and about fans’ reactions and first listens to it, which I found so fascinating. Darkness was the first Bruce album I heard, over 30 years after it was released, with full knowledge of the trajectory of his career, so that was pretty special for me to get some idea of what it was like at the time. So, in short – absolutely would recommend”

The Light in Darkness limited edition book.
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