Limited Edition Book on Bruce Springsteen's
Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour and Album

For You: Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Fans
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Front Cover of For You - The Book
Bruce Springsteen represents a great deal to his fans, not only as a world-renowned artist, but as a giving and caring person, someone who stands out by helping and donating to many charitable organizations over the years.

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"If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be 'beautiful.' This book is without a doubt for 'real fans.' I have quite a collection of books about Bruce but this one is different to the rest by the fact that it's brim full from front to back with stories from fans. It has given fans the opportunity to tell their stories of themselves and Bruce. The stories are short, long, happy, sad, joyous, excited, funny and, above all, heartfelt. Every one excited to share their story or little piece of Bruce with everyone else. The book is beautifully produced and presented and takes you through Bruce's musical life in the form of stunning photos throughout."

Rumble Doll

"Je l'ai reçu et je peux vous assurer que la qualité du bouquin est vraiment à la hauteur de mes attentes. Près de 500 photos réalisées par plus de 70 photographes différents et s'étalant sur une période allant de 1971 à mars 2007 contribuent à ranger 'For You' dans la catégorie des poids lourds en terme d'images."

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Back Cover of For You - The Book

"What's most striking about For You is its almost palpable passion. You've got the fans, who write with an almost religious fervor about seeing, hearing and occasionally touching the New Jersey native, from his emergence in the 1970s right up through his Seeger Sessions tour in 2006."

Ross Raihala
Pioneer Press Twin Cities, Minnesota

"We have seen several new Bruce books in the last few years, including another long-awaited book by official Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh and a lavish book about the E Street Band. I bought them all, because as a librarian by profession, I see it as my holy duty. But if you are going to buy just one of the current Bruce books, I won't hesitate to recommend getting For You. For You is a much-needed fresh breath in the Bruce bibliography and essential to any serious fan."

Karsten S. Andersen

"If you are any kind of a Springsteen fan, you need this book! The first story brought me to tears it was so moving and so well written. I am not a big reader, but I sat there in my den last night with the TV on and must have spent almost 2 hours just reading the stories and looking over the great photos from the early years, and thinking back to my younger days.

Steven Delmar
Edison New Jersey

"For You is one of the most important books ever to trace the career of Bruce Springsteen. Compiled by Lawrence Kirsch, the book features the words and photos of Springsteen fans from all over the world. The majority of the photos have never been published before, and are nothing short of amazing."

Tom Cunningham
The Bruce Brunch
105.7 The Hawk

"Bruce Springsteen fans have submitted their memories and photos for inclusion in a new book, For You, by Lawrence Kirsch. The stories chronicle Springsteen's career from its conception, and incorporate images from all eras (including shots of Springsteen with the E Street Band, Bono, Neil Young and more)."

Rolling Stone: Rock and Roll Daily

"In reading For You, at first it's hard to believe that one performer could possibly have touched this many people this deeply - lifted them from depression, kept them from suicide, helped them through divorce or the death of a parent, or worse, a child. But story after story reveals just how much Springsteen's music and his almost superhuman presence on the concert stage have penetrated people's lives and, in as much as it is possible for music to do so, made them whole.

In fact, there's a running theme of these reminiscences, one that is sure to warm any Bruce fan's heart: that you are not crazy. Not crazy for seeing dozens or even hundreds of concerts; not crazy for feeling that Springsteen's songs and lyrics have actually helped carry you through some of life's toughest moments; not crazy to think that this man whom you've never met has and continues to fill some kind of void in your life."

Peter Chianca
Excerpt from Blogness on the Edge of Town

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