FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book
FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book

Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen


"...of the many words, and numerous books written about this American icon over the years, none of them are quite like this one.

In For You editor Lawrence Kirsch has assembled hundreds of amazing photographs taken by the fans themselves, and covering every phase of Springsteen's extraordinary career, into a beautiful coffee table book. Accompanying the photographs, are personal stories told by the fans - usually recalling memories of a favorite tour or show."

Glen Boyd

Preview For You - The Book

"From Day 1, the connection with his audience...his fans... was immediate. Bruce was always just one of us, the only real difference being he wrote and sang amazing songs. He always seemed to really thrive when we sang the words to his songs with him. Growing up when we were all searching for something that mattered, something and someone we could believe in, something and someone who was like us, a little lost, a little insecure... someone who was also in search of the classic "American Dream". It didn't matter if we were from America, Italy, Denmark, England, Spain, Canada, or any other country in the world - we were all members of Bruce's world and each night he was on stage he warmly welcomed us into that world...the one where we all belonged. From day one we were a community - we were family..."
Louis R. Carlozo
Foreword - For You

Bruce Springsteen - The Legend Lives On

Bruce Springsteen - rock poet, musician, live performer - The Boss has become a legend in his own lifetime. In fact, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest live concert performers ever. Through his records, CDs, DVDs and especially his performances, Bruce has touched millions of people from around the world for whom his music has been accessible, devotional, spiritual and most of all, inspirational.

Springsteen's fans are legendary in their own right and are renowned for attending multiple concerts in multiple cities around the world.

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Fans Pay Tribute
Now for the first time, Springsteen's dedicated fans have had a chance to have their say. In the new Bruce Springsteen book For You the microphone has been turned over to the fans, allowing them to express in their own words, just what this icon of rock and roll means to them. Perhaps with the secret hope he too will read this book and accept their thanks...

"For You: ...the person reading this, who perhaps just finished or is commuting to a long day at work, wondering how you will ever measure up, questioning yourself far more often than you give yourself a pat on the back. Or perhaps you have derived enough comfort from the music, and life itself, to achieve something unshakeable. No matter: Either way, you are part of this story. Without you, it does not exist. And here is the beauty of what it means to be a Bruce fan: Once you find yourself touched by his stories, you can't help but want to share your own. That is what I, and many other Bruce fans, have done in the pages of this book. If I had a wish for any of the authors here, or for myself, it is that we may be fortunate enough to thank Bruce in person someday."
Louis R. Carlozo
Foreword - For You

Following Bruce - Across the Years

Not only is the new Bruce Springsteen book For You brimming with his fans' fond memories, it is also a sumptuous full-colour photographic archive volume of this legendary performer. The simply designed and reproduced photo collection features well over 400 colour and black-and-white photos-most of them never seen before. They illustrate and enhance the personal stories of the fans, whose stories were chosen as representative of a whole spectrum of personal experiences, submitted for publication from the worldwide Springsteen fan community.

From the early days of Steel Mill until the 2007 All Star Tribute at Carnegie Hall, For You - the book details real life journeys undertaken by Bruce Springsteen's amazing and deeply committed fans.

"What we need is a little respect"

What becomes extremely evident, however, as you read these stories, is there is one overriding sentiment differentiating Bruce Springsteen's relationship with his fans from that of almost any other performer. This is the incredible respect he holds for them, along with the phenomenal access and interaction he has always afforded them. It was noticeable right from the very beginning of his career in New Jersey, New York and Los Angeles, and it continues to this day.

From Boston to Barcelona, Milano to Montreal, New York to New Zealand and Asbury Park to Amsterdam, For You - the book - reveals what makes Bruce Springsteen fans accord, and demonstrate, such a high level of devotion to their hero; it is a loyalty given to few other performers.

Picture this
Discover for yourself the amazing, original photography taken by fans from almost all of the classic tours and concerts.

On the pages of this book, on stage, off stage and back stage, we have it covered, in terms of both stories and images.

Photos and stories from the Classic Tours and Concerts

  • Born to Run 1975 Tour
  • Santa Clara, Ca 1976
  • Chicken Scratch Tour
  • Steel Mill 1971
  • Classic Philly Spectrum shows
  • Cleveland Coliseum concerts
  • Suki - Magical Violinist
  • Le Garage New Jersey 1974
  • New Orleans Jazz Fest 2006
  • The 4 incredible nights at The Music Hall in Boston 1977
  • The 2-night stand at the Winterland in San Francisco 1978
  • The Bottom Line, Roxy, Hammersmith Odeon, Stockholm 1975
  • The Darkness Tour 1978
  • Kean College 1974
  • Light of Day Shows
  • The Cleveland Boys
  • MUSE-No Nukes-1979
  • The Rising Tour 2002/3
  • Stone Pony Guest Jams
  • BITUSA Tour 1984/85
  • Houston Music Hall-1974
  • U2 Hall of Fame Induction
  • Devils and Dust Tour 2005
  • Amnesty Tour in Brazil 1988
  • Royal Albert Hall London 2005
  • Reunion Tour 1999/2000
  • The Seeger Sessions Tour 2006
  • New Jersey 1973
  • Vote For Change Tour 2004
  • The River Tour 1980/81
  • Asbury Park Christmas Shows
  • The historic NY Palladium 1976 shows w/The Miami Horns
  • Plus tons more... Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chicago, Copenhagen, Toronto, Dublin, Madrid, Detroit, Milano, Paris, Los Angeles...

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