Third Annual Bruce Springsteen Gift Guide for 2014 Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond…

Third Annual Bruce Springsteen Gift Guide for 2014 Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond…

by Pete Chianca – Blogness on the Edge of Town

(Updated and edited version of the original post.)

If you’re anything like me, right about now you’re so stuffed with gravy that the thought of heading out for a Black Friday shopping spree is about as appealing as … well, anything other than just continuing to sit here, watching football with your belt undone. But gifts must be got at some point, and if there’s a Springsteen fan on your list, you could do a lot worse than any of the items listed below:


Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1, 1973-1984, the rather expensive reissue of Springsteen’s first seven albums. There’s no doubt that Bruce Springsteen continues to make relevant music, in addition to having one of the great back catalogs of all time. But that’s not to say his publicity and marketing arm couldn’t stand a good kick in the pants now and again. The Walmart greatest hits debacle of 2009 comes to mind. What really got people riled is the cross section of “some of Bruce’s most loyal fans” (to quote gathered at Jack’s Music Shop to listen to the new, improved recordings, and who even got to experience a drop-in from the man himself. The lack of women is so blatantly apparent it’s amazing that nobody at Bruce Inc. or Sony felt a need to rectify it. Like a lot of fans whose comments I’ve read on social media, I’ve had my doubts about this release since it was announced — the Springsteen completist in me wants that hefty box on my shelf, but my practical side tells me that there’s no way I’m going to get $99 worth of listening pleasure (or $200 for the vinyl) out of it on my piddly “sound system,” no matter how brilliant the engineering is. Also, I’m saving up for that elusive River boxed set that’s rumored to follow.


Outlaw Pete, Bruce Springsteen and Frank Caruso’s children’s book rode into stores November 4th. The book is based on an eight-minute ballad from Springsteen’s 2009 ‘Working on a Dream’ album about a young bank robber who regrets his criminal ways. The tale and the song was inspired by memories of 1950s children’s book ‘Brave Cowboy Bill’.  In Bruce’s own words: “Outlaw Pete is an adult book, illustrated by Frank Caruso, who drew and painted its pages. Caruso does more than illustrate the song. His approach, immaculately detailed, simple when it needs to be, parallels Springsteen’s blend of absurdity and meditation.”

There are other Bruce book options. The trick for any would-be teacher of Springsteen, of course, is finding the right textbook, and Scarecrow Press has a good contender: Bruce Springsteen, American Poet and Prophet by Donald L. Deardorff hits just the right tone, tackling Springsteen’s work in themed chapters rather than shackling itself to a chronological take. It’s definitely academic — “breezy” is not a word I’d associate with Deardorff’s prose — but it’s also thoughtful and trenchant, and would be a perfect introduction to Springsteen’s themes for someone just wading into the canon.

The Light in Darkness, Lawrence Kirsch’s collection of fan stories and amazing photos from the Darkness tour era, which only has a few copies left available in its limited edition.

(Click Here to Save on Shipping: The Light in Darkness)

 The Light in Darkness

And we of course recommend our very own Glory Days: Springsteen’s Greatest Albums — granted it’s hard to wrap because it’s an eBook, but you can always get it as a treat for yourself, a steal at only $2.65 on Amazon!

When it comes to Springsteen pedigrees, you don’t get much more, well, pedigree-able: Christopher Phillips is the editor of Backstreets magazine and webmaster of go-to fansite, and his collaborator Louis P. Masur is an American Studies professor at Rutgers (that’s in Jersey!) and author of Runaway Dream, one of the best of the recent slew of Springsteen books. Talk About A Dream, their collection of interviews with Bruce Springsteen draws from his four-decade career. Most of Talk’s 428 pages contain material unique to the volume, all of it revealing, much of it absolutely essential.

You don’t have to get further than page 30 for evidence: That’s where you’ll find “The Lost Interviews” from 1975, a series of sit-downs with European press that were locked in a vault for years; they were excerpted in Backstreets magazine in the ‘90s but never published in full, until now. It’s a loss that needed to be rectified: Catching Springsteen on the cusp of his first major success, it cements themes and attitudes he would go back to again and again during his career. Using primarily Springsteen’s own words pays big dividends, and not just because fans will be able to hear his Jersey cadences and full-throated laugh in their heads as they go. He’s remarkably open and thoughtful, and you can see him gradually building and shaping the themes and concerns that have marked his career: his responsibility to the audience, the forces that drive his writing — from the psychological to the sociological — and the fact that he takes his job deadly seriously, no matter how much fun it is.


You can’t go wrong with a Springsteen painting. Or maybe you can. But we prefer photographic imagery for our walls, visit, featuring some of the best Springsteen concert shots this side of the Mississippi. And be sure to say hello to Rocco for us.


An on line store featuring hand crafted wristbands, Brucelets, necklaces and key chains made special by adding a date of your choice. Also the new BruceBuds Knitted hats in various colours. And if that is not enough, they also have in stock Brucebuds “Glow in the dark” wristbands as well as the great ESB and Drive all night Car stickers – See more at: BruceBuds.


Good luck everyone and Happy Shopping!

Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen book, The Light in Darkness, less than 100 copies left.Focusing on Springsteen’s 1978 Darkness on The Edge of Town album and tour with amazing photos and stories.
Free Shipping: November 14-December 24,2014 The perfect gift for the Springsteen fan on your list.*
CLICK HERE TO SAVE NOW- The Light in Darkness
*(Guaranteed Delivery for Christmas for North America. Orders must be received no later than December 5.)
The Light in Darkness book is not sold in stores

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Bruce Springsteen Darkness Book-Great Gift For the Holidays-Free Shipping!

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Bruce Springsteen “For You” Book Contest Winners

And we have two winners…

Thanks to you,the Bruce Springsteen book raffle for For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans was our best success to date, we could not have done it without your support. Because of your amazing generosity we are able to donate $1200 to the Montreal General Hospital. We are pleased to announce that the winners of a brand new signed copy of the book For You are, Deborah Stevenson of Chicago, Il, and Christine Hotchkiss of Redcar, United Kingdom.
Thanks again, and look for another For You book raffle in April, 2015.
Lawrence Kirsch

Rare sold out Bruce Springsteen book, "For You"


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Vinci libro Bruce Springsteen: For You

For You Book A supporto della campagna di fundraising per l’autunno 2014 del Montreal General Hospital, Lawrence Kirsch, editore di “For You, Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans” e “The Light in Darkness,” promuove una lotteria di beneficenza con la possibilità di vincere due copie di “For You”, titolo ormai andato esaurito già da dicembre 2008. Ora, per la prima volta, hai doppia possibilità di vincere, dal momento che sono in palio ben due copie nuove di questo libro da collezione estremamente raro(una copia per ogni vincitore).

È la generosità dei donatori, dei volontari e degli ausiliari che ha reso il McGill University Health Centre ciò che è oggi… questi preziosi fondi sono utilizzati a beneficio degli attuali e futuri pazienti del Montreal General Hospital. Questa volta intendo donare fondi alla memoria di mia madre, Mrs. Aileen Kirsch, in favore del Dipartimento di Medicina Interna, quindicesimo piano.

Per aiutare a raccogliere fondi metto in palio due copie nuove e autografate (dall’editore) di For You: Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans.

Se hai perso l’occasione di comprare una copia di questo libro a tiratura limitata, oppure se ne vuoi una seconda copia da conservare come pezzo da collezione, questo è il momento. Le copie della prima edizione di “For You” costano spesso centinaia di dollari su eBay, sempre che se ne riesca a trovare una.

Ogni biglietto da $10 offre una possibilità di vincere e un biglietto da $15 offre tre possibilità di vincere una copia. La gara è aperta a tutti e i biglietti sono acquistabili a partire dal 18 settembre al 5 ottobre 2014. Partecipa qui: e, dove i vincitori saranno annunciati il 9 ottobre 2014.


Si può partecipare alla gara un numero illimitato di volte e tutti i ricavi andranno al Montreal General Hospital. I libri, autografati dall’editore, saranno inviati ai vincitori gratuitamente in tutto il mondo, perciò tutti sono invitati a partecipare.

Puoi aiutare gli sforzi per la campagna di raccolta fondi del 2014 partecipando alla lotteria con in palio una copia di For You. Tutto il denaro raccolto sarà donato al Montreal General Hospital.

Il Montreal General Hospital, fondato nel 1821, ha un’autorevole reputazione a livello mondiale ed una straordinaria storia per i suoi servizi alla comunità. Ospedale pioniere in Nordamerica, ha introdotto l’insegnamento in presenza del paziente e fondato la prima scuola di medicina in Canada — la Facoltà di Medicina alla McGill University.

Per tutto il secolo e mezzo di vita della Facoltà, la ha affiancata come ospedale di insegnamento. Il Montreal General Hospital è dedito alla cura dei pazienti attraverso diagnosi, cura, ricerca e insegnamento.


“Nel corso degli anni ho letto quasi tutti i libri scritti su Springsteen. Alcuni sono eccellenti e molti no. Col passare del tempo sono perfino diventato cinico quando sento parlare di nuovi libri. Negli ultimi anni c’è stata una pletora di pubblicazioni illustrate da collezione nel mondo springsteeniano. Ciascuno, di per sé, è una meravigliosa opera d’arte da far brillare sul tavolino del soggiorno. Eppure, è probabile che vi stiate perdendo il non plus ultra su Bruce Springsteen: For You. Quando sentii parlare di questo libro un anno fa, lo archiviai pensando che non avevo veramente bisogno di un altro incensato volume da collezione. Mi sbagliavo, mi sbagliavo di brutto. For You porta il lettore in un viaggio magico, mistico e intenso attraverso quarant’anni della vita di Bruce Springsteen. È una macchina del tempo verso il passato quando i biglietti costavano 7$, la E Street Band era un club di soli maschi e Steve Van Zandt pareva uscito dalla band di Jimmy Buffett […]. Non sono rimasto impressionato da quel libro, sono rimasto sopraffatto.

Anthony Kuzminski

“Leggendo For You, all’inizio è difficile credere che un artista abbia toccato così profondamente così tante persone – sollevate dalla depressione, trattenute dal suicidio, aiutate attraverso un divorzio o la morte di un genitore o, peggio, di un figlio. Ma storia dopo storia rivela quanto la musica di Springsteen e la sua presenza quasi sovrumana sul palco abbiano penetrato la vita delle persone e, per quanto sia possibile alla musica fare ciò, le abbiano completate.

In effetti c’è un tema ricorrente in queste reminiscenze, uno che sicuramente scalderà il cuore ad ogni fan di Bruce: che non sei pazzo. Non sei pazzo se hai visto decine o persino centinaia di concerti; non sei pazzo se senti che le canzoni e i testi di Springsteen ti hanno veramente aiutato ad attraversare alcuni dei momenti più duri della vita; non sei pazzo se pensi che quest’uomo, che non hai mai incontrato, ha riempito e continua a riempire una specie di vuoto nella tua vita.”

Peter Chianca
Estratto da Blogness on the Edge of Town


Per favore, aiutaci a condividere la notizia della lotteria per For You su Facebook e Twitter.


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Win Sold Out Bruce Springsteen Book, For You

Win Sold Out Bruce Springsteen Book,

For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans.

Win Sold Out Bruce Springsteen Book- For You

For the first time we are offering two brand new signed books to be won. Good Luck.

Click Here to Enter: For You

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