Bruce Springsteen en concert en France en 2012

Une nouvelle tournée est au programme de l’année 2012 pour Bruce Springsteen ! C’est sur son site web officiel que le chanteur confirme cette bonne nouvelle. “Si vous avez entendu que Bruce et son E Street Band seront en tournée l’année prochaine, sachez que c’est tout-à-fait exact, peut-on ainsi y lire. Les dates européennes vont de mai à la fin juillet et seront dévoilées dans la semaine.” Plusieurs dates en Angleterre ont d’ores et déjà été communiquées.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Le 19/06/2012

Park&Suites Arena – Montpellier

Du 04/07/2012 au 05/07/2012

Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

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Bruce Springsteen in Italia nel 2012: le date del tour

Ecco la conferma che aspettavate.
Dopo le prime indiscrezioni riguardo l’album a cui Bruce Springsteen sta lavorando, in arrivo le prime date del tour che, avrà inizio l’anno prossimo.
In Italia, saranno previste a giugno 2012, tre date:

07 Giugno 2012 – Milano – Stadio San Siro
10 Giugno 2012 – Firenze – Stadio Franchi
11 Giugno 2012 – Trieste – Stadio Nereo Rocco

Se siete interessati ad avere maggiori informazioni e, ad acquistare i biglietti (non ancora in vendita tra l’altro), il consiglio è quello di tenere sotto osservazione il sito ufficiale dell’artista, quello della Barley Arts e ovviamente, TicketOne.

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Bruce Springsteen estrenarà disc i gira el 2012


“Molts de vosaltres heu escoltat que Bruce Springsteen i la E Street Band estaran de gira el 2012. Això és absolutament correcte”. Així comença l’anunci fet pel de New Jersei a la seva pàgina web, en la qual s’informa, a més, que la gira europea tindrà lloc durant els mesos de maig i juny.

Ara mateix, al seu web només hi consten algunes actuacions a Anglaterra durant el juny i el juliol de l’any vinent, però ja s’ha anunciat que les dates definitives s’aniran donant a conèixer durant la setmana, i les de les actuacions als Estats Units i la gira mundial arribaran en breu.

Springsteen també ha volgut fer saber que, tot i que encara no té títol, el seu proper disc està pràcticament acabat i amb data de publicació, encara que caldrà esperar una mica.


Domingo 13 de Mayo – Estadio Olímpico de la Cartuja – Sevilla – A la venta el 14 de diciembre

Jueves 17 de Mayo – Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys – Barcelona – ¡ENTRADAS AGOTADAS!

Sábado 2 de Junio – Estadio de Anoeta – San Sebastián – Ya a la venta

Domingo 17 de Junio – Estadio Santiago Bernabéu – Madrid – Ya a la venta

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Bruce Springsteen New World Tour and Album in 2012

Despite the recent passing of founding member and saxophonist Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will continue on, with plans for a new studio album and world tour in 2012. According to the band’s official website, a European tour scheduled between May and July 2012 will be announced this coming week, while other dates — including ones for the U.S. — will be announced shortly. As for the album, both a title and release date are still forthcoming, however, the band added “we are all incredibly excited about everything that we’re planning for 2012.”

From a British fan…I’m a friend of yours on Facebook but even before then I had heard about the book on‘Badlands’ may be even Backstreets, something that I wanted to order for a while but life seemed to keep getting in the way.Then this morning I heard on the radio about Bruce coming over next  year which kicked my arse into ordering it tonight, going to be strange seeing the band without the Big Man. Been a Springsteen fan since ’85 (I know) but I stayed on the wagon, truth was I never heard of him until late ’84. I was only 17 at the time and now some 27 years later and 1000 cds/lps/bootlegs/dvds/concerts later, I’m still here and still very excited about the fore coming album and tour. Let the countdown begin!!

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Joe McGinnis, The New York Times best-selling author of “Rogue,” the new biography of Sarah Palin, is now, thinking about writing a book about rocker Bruce Springsteen.

The long-time resident of Williamstown now living in Pelham wrote on his blog: “As a fan, I go back to the beginning of Bruce’s recording history. I was living near Philadelphia and listening to Philly radio stations like WMMR when they started to play songs from his first album, “Greetings from Asbury Park,” in 1973.

“We’re both in our sixties now, but both still going strong. If you drained the Great Salt Lake in Utah, you could fill the basin to overflowing with the sweat Bruce has left behind on stage over forty years, giving his every audience every bit of himself.”

McGinniss said that after three years of researching Palin, “it’s a joy to contemplate writing a book about someone who’s made such a difference to America in such a positive way over so many decades. In his life, his recordings, and especially in his electrifying stage performances, Bruce has shown that America still can be the land of hope and dreams.

“As more and more of us find ourselves, ‘ten years down the road, nowhere to run, nowhere to go’ – as it becomes ever more clear that our economy will never again be what it was in the 20th Century, as joblessness rises along with the costs of health care, as corporate interests crush the common man as brutally (though perhaps with more polish and finesse) as in the Robber Baron era – the strength and clarity of Bruce Springsteen’s vision of democracy and celebration of individuality and of the sheer – if only occasionally realized – joy of being alive – is perhaps more vital than ever.”

McGinniss first gained national fame with his 1969 book “The Selling of the President, 1968,” a behind-the-scenes look at how Richard Nixon was re-packaged to the American people in 1968. Two decades later he wrote a pair of true-crime books, “Fatal Vision” and “Blind Faith.” Both were made into hit TV movies.

He’s since written books about Ted Kennedy, Italian soccer and horse racing. He lived next door to the Palin family as part of his research for “Rogue” and is no stranger to Alaska. He wrote “Going to Extremes” in 1980, during the state’s oil boom.

And speaking of Philadelphia and Springsteen, join us for the Bruce Springsteen Philadelphia Memories Roadshow in Spring 2012.

With the on-going display of the Bruce Springsteen Hall of Fame exhibit at the National Constitution Center, we invite all Springsteen fans old and new to visit the exhibit during the day, and come and party with us during the evening. Details with date and time to follow.

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