Top 10 Albums From 1978

Rock ‘n’ roll was fighting for its life in 1978. In addition to the usual pop and R&B songs battling for listeners’ ears, both punk and disco were making strong cases for rock’s irrelevance. With so many of the music’s key artists approaching 40 (whatever happened to that whole “Hope I die before I get old” mentality?), it seemed like way too many of them were banking on their past glories to get through this latest onslaught. So it was up to the new generation to keep kicking and screaming. Almost half of the records on our list of the Top 10 Albums From 1978 are either first or second LPs. And only two come from bands that ruled the airwaves only a decade before. This what rock ‘n’ roll sounded like at the end of the decade.

The Who Who Are You

The original band’s final album occasionally sounds like a last gasp. Coming three long years after its predecessor (an eternity back in the ’70s, when artists released new records every year), ‘Who Are You’ pushes forward but often with minimal energy. Still, John Entwistle’s three songs are among his best, and that killer title track ranks among the group’s all-time greatest singles.
Listen to: ‘Who Are You’

Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight

Sandwiched between Cheap Trick’s best record, ‘In Color,’ and their breakthrough live album, ‘Heaven Tonight’ captures a band at the brink of stardom. The riffs are big and plentiful; the playing is dynamic throughout. And the songs — especially the anthem-sized ‘Surrender’ — ring with power-pop brightness and raging confidence.
Listen to: ‘Surrender’

Warren Zevon Excitable Boy

Zevon’s breakthrough album is filled with the same sharp songwriting and expertly played L.A. rock that made his 1976 self-titled LP a hit with insiders. It’s just sharper and better played here. And the songs — ‘Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner,’ ‘Werewolves of London,’ ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’ — make ‘Excitable Boy’ a veritable greatest hits.
Listen to: ‘Werewolves of London’

Billy Joel 52nd Street

Joel got tougher and jazzier on his follow-up to 1977’s mega-selling ‘The Stranger,’ which finally made him a star after five stiff albums. ’52nd Street’ takes a more street-savvy approach to the music, boosting it with gritty guitars and lonesome horns. It’s also the most meticulously produced record on our list of the Top 10 Albums From 1978.
Listen to: ‘Big Shot’

Police Outlandos d’Amour

Nobody was really sure how to label the Police’s debut album when it came out in 1978. Was it punk? New Wave? Reggae? Rock? It was a little of each, with a sprinkle of something that belonged totally to them thrown in there too. The trio played like a prog-rock group, laying down complicated grooves with expert timing. But they also shoved back like snotty punks whose only opinion they valued was their own.
Listen to: ‘Roxanne’

Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food

Like the Police (see No. 6 on our list of the Top 10 Albums From 1978), Talking Heads were somewhere between punk, New Wave and rock. But they were definitely artsier and tighter tied to the post-punk scene than Sting’s band. Their second album expands even more, topping out with their funky Top 40 cover of Al Green’s ‘Take Me to the River,’ a sign of things to come.
Listen to: ‘Take Me to the River’

The Cars

Here we go again (see Nos. 5 and 6 on our list of the Top 10 Albums From 1978). What kind of music exactly were the Cars playing? Many of the songs on their debut album are fueled by fat, springy keyboards that don’t sound all that rock ‘n’ roll. But the riffs come from classic rock sources. Either way, it’s a great record.
Listen to: ‘Just What I Needed’

Van Halen
‘Van Halen’

First and foremost, Van Halen’s debut album introduced the world to the most innovative and exciting guitarist since Jimi Hendrix. But Eddie Van Halen’s wicked guitar lines wouldn’t carry nearly as much weight without his equally adept bandmates offering support. From the monster rhythm section to David Lee Roth’s oily rock-star huckster poses, ‘Van Halen’ brims with heavy.
Listen to: ‘Runnin’ With the Devil’

Rolling Stones Some Girls

Rebounding after a few lackluster albums, the Stones injected ‘Some Girls’ with healthy doses of their music’s main competition. Disco and punk grooves roll throughout the record, giving the band the shot of kick-ass it needed after resting (and getting fat and lazy) on all those World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band laurels.
Listen to: ‘Miss You’

Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town

‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’
Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen waited three years to release the follow-up to his breakthrough ‘Born to Run’ album. And it’s a monumental return, a continuation of the story he started on ‘Born to Run.’ Only now, the hope is gone, and the dreams are crushed. Springsteen’s characters walk through a wasteland of despair. ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ is angry, soulful, drained and ultimately resigned to the fact that its fate rests somewhere between hell and purgatory.
Listen to: Badlands

by Michael Gallucci

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Classic Album Track: Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”

Classic Album Track: Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
Daniel Eriksson

Bruce Springsteen really had his work cut out for him when he started working on what was to become his breakthrough, the album Born to Run. His two previous albums Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., and The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, although critically well-received, had failed to sell as well as the record company had hoped. Born to Run took about 18 months to record.

In the Born To Run documentary Wings For Wheels that was included with the 30th Anniversary Edition of the album, Springsteen says about the song: “This particular single took us a long time. I recollect us spending almost 6 months at intervals making it.” Basically a third of the entire recording time was spent working on the title track. Bruce’s vision with the whole album was to achieve a sound similar to that of Phil Spector’s famous “Wall of Sound.” “If this record didn’t make it, it seemed obvious that it was going to be the end of the recording career,” said E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt in the same documentary. The pressure was definitely on.

“Born to Run” was recorded before drummer Max Weinberg, and pianist Roy Bittan joined the band. David Sancious handles the piano part, and the drums were recorded by Ernest “Boom” Carter. Sancious and Carter left the E Street Band shortly after recording the song, to join a jazz band. Because of Carter’s jazz influences, the drum sound on “Born to Run” is very different from the rest of the tracks on the album. Most noticeable is the syncopated drum fill in the song. In Wings For Wheels, Weinberg explains that he struggled to capture the feel of Ernie’s fill: “This one little lick that he played in the middle, that’s on the record. I tried to play it. A very syncopated kind of jazz-fusion part. Finally, it just never came off right, so I eliminated it, and I’ve never played it.” Weinberg’s playing works great though, since his straight up rock groove is more in line with Springsteen’s material.

“Born to Run” also has the distinction of being the only song on the album to be partially written on guitar. Springsteen wrote the main riff on guitar, before finishing the song on piano. The song was written in a little house in Long Branch, New Jersey, as was the rest of the album, according to Springsteen. Whenever the house has come up for sale over the years, it has gained quite a bit of attention, even on an international level, because of its importance in the early career of Bruce Springsteen.

The driving force in “Born to Run” is the main guitar riff, which is played in the song’s intro and the chorus. While not technically advanced, the melodic nature of it makes fans “sing along” to the riff at concerts. To the casual listener Bruce Springsteen might not seem like more than an average guitarist, but anyone who has seen him live would beg to differ. During concert performances of “Born to Run,” The Boss directs the entire band with the help of his guitar. Bruce has explained in interviews that he once held the ambition to be the fastest guitar player in Asbury Park, and while that style of playing doesn’t exactly lend itself to the type of music he plays, he still busts out blazing solos when playing live, like for example from the Darkness on the Edge of Town album, “Prove it All Night.”

“Born to Run” was written long before the album came out. Springsteen started playing it live as early as May 1974, which resulted in Allan Clarke of The Hollies’ cover of the song almost being released before Bruce’s own version.

Lyrics are very important to Bruce Springsteen, and at the time of making Born to Run, he would obsess just as much over the lyrics as he would the music. “The music was composed very, very meticulously. So where the words. The amount of time spent honing the lyrics was enormous. The notebook that I wrote ‘Born to Run’ in, you would take the first page and you would see a line or two. Fifty pages later you’d get something close to the finished song,” said Bruce in Wings For Wheels. In its essence, “Born to Run” is really a love song. Bruce, or whoever he imagines the song’s protagonist to be, wants to pick up his girlfriend and get out of New Jersey. The song also feature cars, and street racing, a favorite subject of Bruce’s at the time. Racing and muscle cars are at the heart of songs like “Jungleland,” and “Racing in the Street.”

“I worked very very long on the lyrics to ‘Born To Run’ because I was very aware that I was messing with classic rock n’ roll. The images that easily turns into clichés. I worked really hard on getting the soul of the song, the spiritual side of the song right,” said Springsteen. The hard work paid off. “Born to Run” is still a staple in Bruce’s live show, and will continue to be so for the rest of his career.

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Libro Bruce Springsteen, The Light in Darkness

Ciao a tutti,
ho di recente acquistato via Internet il libro fotografico sul tour del ’78 The Light In Darkness,
dallo stesso autorre del libro, purtroppo esaurito, “For You”.

Lo potete ordinare al sito “”

Ve lo consiglio. Bellissime fotografie, e racconti dei fan del tempo, che ebbero la fortuna di assistere a quel magico e incredibile tour.

“Con Darkness on the Edge of Town Bruce Springsteen e la E Street Band presero una posizione precisa proprio quando tutto era in discussione,” scrive Vike Savoth nella prefazione di “The Light in Darkness”. “Erano pronti a pagare il prezzo di un violento ingresso nell’oblio del rock and roll prendendo le distanze dal sound e dal look che aveva dato loro popolarità e fortuna”.

Con oltre 200 fotografie e 100 racconti originali raccontati dai leggendari fan di Springsteen “The Light in The Darkness” è il punto di vista dei seguaci del Boss sul suo quarto album.

Spesso trascurato rispetto agli altri classici di Springsteen “Darkness on the Edge of Town” contiene un sound più crudo ed arrabbiato rispetto alle opere precedenti. Uscito al termine di un’aspra battaglia legale durata tre anni con il primo manager di Springsteen molti fans e la critica hanno fatto fatica ad apprezzarne le sonorità.

“Ho dovuto ascoltare quell’album intensamente, più e più volte per scoprire dove l’avrei incontrato, o in realtà dove lui stava incontrando me” scrive Suzanne Scala. “questo era quando ascoltare un album significava sdraiarsi sul pavimento, testa tra le casse, far cadere la testina sul disco ancora e ancora per ascoltare e riascoltare quella canzone”

Nonostante tutto non ci volle molto tempo perché l’album prendesse il suo posto nel cuore dei fans più accaniti. Molti di essi ancora oggi lo definiscono come il loro album preferito e continuano a trovare rifugio all’interno dei suoi testi ermetici.

“La canzone Darkness on the Edge of Town mi parla direttamente“, dice l’editore del libro, Lawrence Kirsch. “Si, l’umore è più scuro che nei precedenti album, ma non senza speranza. Darkness on the Edge of Town è puro ed energico Rock and Roll ed è uno dei più bei lavori che Springsteen abbia mai concepito”.

Nonostante i toni più scuri del disco il tour che ne seguì fu uno dei più energici della carriera di Springsteen. Con più di 200 foto “The Light in The Darkness” mostra Bruce ai suoi apici mentre corre sul palco, salta dal pianoforte e guada le folle dei fans. Con il tour del 1978 Springsteen iniziò la tradizione dei suoi concerti epici da più di tre ore. All’epoca fu una novità così rivoluzionaria che molti, pensando che lo show fosse terminato, lasciavano il concerto durante l’intervallo.
Nonostante il Boss abbia appena compiuto 60 ancora oggi mantiene la tradizione di allora con concerti epici che non trovano uguali in qualsiasi altro artista.

“Lui era come un fulmine attraverso le tenebre, e la band era il tuono” scrive Ron Wells. “Non ho mai visto nessun altro musicista così pieno di energia e gioia. Era in missione. Non era solo un concerto per lui; era libertà e gioia fatta persona.

Narrando alcuni dei suoi show più famosi, come l’Agora di Cleveland, il Roxy di L.A. ed il Winterland Ballroom di San Francisco, “The Light in Darkness” riporta sotto i riflettori alcuni concerti epici suonati in piccoli club.

“Il libro regalerà ai lettori almeno una piccola prospettiva di quello che abbiamo vissuto nel ‘78” dice Kirsch. “La connessione ed il legame creato tra il musicista e la sua audience durante questo tour ha definito il nuovo punto di riferimento per tutti gli album ed i tour che sarebbero seguiti”.

A distanza di 30 anni l’eccitazione e la passione che questo album ed il tour riuscirono ad accendere nel cuore dei fans non sono diminuite. The Light in The Darkness riporta in vita l’incredibile legame che i seguaci del Boss hanno con questo periodo della sua carriera rendendolo un’opera che i fans non potranno perdere.

Vi segnalo inoltre che dal 30/08/2013 al 30/09 sono azzerati i costi di spedizione del libro!
Un’ottima occasione per approffittarne…
The Light in Darkness

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Libro de Bruce Springsteen

The Light in Darkness

208 páginas, papel alta calidad, más de 200 fotos. Edición limitada.
El autor del excelente libro “For You”, donde recopilaba cientos de historias contadas por fans de Springsteen junto a cientos de fantásticas fotos inéditas, ha vuelto a repetir, sólo que ahora superando el listón.
Su nuevo libro está ahora totalmente dedicado a la gira de 1978, de álbum Darkness on the Edge of Town, probablemente la mejor gira de Springsteen y de la historia del rock.

Para esta ocasión Lawrence ha compilado cientos de fotos inéditas de la gira, de muchos conciertos, junto a las historias más apasionantes contadas por los propios fans que asistieron a esos conciertos y tuvieron la suerte de vivirlo en primera persona. Un libro fascinante que nos transporta a una época memorable y ya irrepetible.

El anterior libro, For You, se agotó rapidamente. Nuevamente se trata de una edición limitada por lo cual recomendamos pedirlo ya ahora para asegurar tu copia.

Idioma del texto: Inglés.
Páginas: 208
Fotos: B/N y Color. Más de 200.
Tamaño: 22 x 30 cm.

Sal Trepat

Libro de Bruce Springsteen
Edición Limitada para fans del Boss.
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The Light in Darkness

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